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Healing From Divorce Workshops

Upcoming Workshops - September 13-15, 2024 - St Anthony Spirituality Center, Marathon Wi

"Divorce can be a traumatic experience and I could not heal from it alone." J - workshop participant

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You are invited to listen to your deepest longings. You are invited to hear the voice of God in the decisions you make. Discernment is the constant dialog we have within. Spiritual Direction allows you to listen deeply to that dialog.


You heal can heal from broken relationships


Through spiritual direction you will find a pathway to healing. You will discover and develop your inner strength that has always been a part of who you are. You are invited to heal from broken relationships by developing a real love for yourself. You will be able to hear God guide you along your journey.
TRAINING: If you are a recovering person trained in social work, spiritual direction, counseling, or AODA, you may want to learn more about how to facilitate a divorce recovery group. Annual 12 hour training is offered to those who seek to provide divorce recovery groups in their community. Parish specific training is also offered. 
SPEAKER: If you are looking for a vibrant speaker on the topic of divorce recovery, retreat speaker for women's or men's groups or in need of a keynote for those healing from the loss of a relationship,
please email your request to:

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Spiritual Guidance and Supervision

Spiritual directors are invited to listen to their inner voice and discover meaning from sessions with their own seekers.

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Services Provided

Professional Training,  for Divorce Recovery Facilitators


Tanya provides training for small group facilitators, retreat leaders and parish lay persons interested in learning how to be present to those who have experienced divorce. A 12 hour training is the minimum for small group facilitators. 

Workshops or Retreats

Retreats are provided at the site you desire. Tanya will travel to your parish, retreat center or facility for training. Dates are limited, please inquire through email for available dates in 2024-2025

Training for Lay Ministers

Listening Skills, Support Group Training

Tanya has developed a 15 hour training program for parish Lay persons for the purpose of developing your own divorce recovery and support group. Training can be done on site for your team or an alternate site will be provided. Learn effective listening skills, how to facilitate a small group and how to guide others to healing from broken relationships.


Weekend Divorce Recovery Workshops

Workshops are scheduled 3x per year at St. Anthony Spirituality Center in Marathon, WI. Please visit their website for workshop dates.

Spiritual Direction

Individual and group Spiritual Guidance

The pain of separation and divorce can't be explained unless you have experienced it. By telling their story, participants learn to trust their inner strength, which leads to healing. Participants can heal and grow beyond the pain of a broken relationships. Through Spiritual Guidance learn to find meaning beyond the "moment" and grow closer to God.

For further information regarding spiritual guidance or to register for training or retreats please email Tanya at: or thielke@divorcerec


For further information please send Tanya an email message with your contact inforamtion and a service title you have questions about: ex: Spiritual Direction, Training or Retreats.

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